Productivity tips for Windows Terminal

Nov 21, 2019 by Kolappan N

The all-new Windows terminal is great. It has a lot of customization options, it utilizes the GPU(finally), and is more modern looking. Here are some productivity tips to get the most out of the new terminal.

1. Set default profile

Windows terminal supports many profiles. The default profiles include command prompt, PowerShell, and Azure shell. You can set what profile you want to launch by default.

Windows Terminal menu
Windows Terminal menu

2. Reorder Profiles

You can reorder the list of profiles that appears when you click on the ‘+’ icon.

3. Set default path

Command prompt or PowerShell they all launch in the folder path “C:\users\user-name”. You can instead set the default folder to the location where your GitHub repos or located or any other preferred location.

4. New tab and close tab

You can change the new tab and close tab shortcuts to match the browser shortcuts of Ctrl+T & Ctrl+W. This makes things easier as we are familiar with these shortcuts.

5. Enable Linux commands

This might be opinionated but I find Linux commands like ls easier to use than dir. Install Git Bash or enable WSL in Windows. The Windows terminal can now run all major Linux commands.