Debloating my Xiaomi Redmi 8

Sep 11, 2020 by Kolappan N

It is no secret that MiUi is bloated with a lot of apps and has ads all over the place. Here is how to debloat MiUi. This debloating does not affect any core features or system update.

Removing Apps

It is now possible to remove apps from mobile phone without rooting the mobile thank to Android Debug Bridge (ADB). You will need an external PC for this though.

The first step is removing apps that can be uninstalled without any tools. These include apps like Mi Credit, Mi Remote, Amazon, Facebook, Mi Docs Viewer, WPS Office, etc… Once you have done that proceed with the following steps.

  1. Go to Settings -> About Phone and tap on MIUI version 7 times. This will enable Developer options.
  2. Now go to Settings -> Additional Settings -> Developer Options and Enable USB debugging.
  3. Download the ADB tool from Google(Link to Windows, Mac OS, Linux).
  4. Extract the zip file downloaded into a folder.
  5. Connect your mobile to your computer in File Transfer mode.
  6. Go to folder where zip file is extracted. Hold shift key and right click. Click on the option “Open Command Prompt” here.
  7. Enter the following command ./adb devices.
  8. You will receive a authorization prompt in your mobile. Allow the USB debugging.
  9. Now enter the command ./adb shell.
  10. You can now run the command pm uninstall -k --user 0 <name of package> to remove any application from your mobile. Replace the <name of package> with the package names of apps given below.

Here is the list of programs that are safe to be removed from Redmi 8 running MiUi 11

Facebook Services

These apps belong to Facebook and are safe to remove even if you are using Facebook apps. These apps allow Facebook to update their apps bypassing Google Play Store.

Google Apps

These can be reinstalled from Play store if needed.

Mi Apps & Services

The following apps either collect data or show ads. They can be removed without affecting the system in any noticeable way.

The following apps does not show ads or collect data at the moment. You can uninstall them without any impacts, if you want.

The following apps can be removed but they will have the impacts described here

Don’t remove

Re-installing these apps

Any of these apps can be re-installed using the command cmd package install-existing <name of package>.

Restricting Data usage

While it is possible to remove many apps including Gallery, Messages, etc, removing them usually causes a lot of problems. The first step is restricting data usage for those apps.

Changing settings

As you can already see, you cannot remove some apps like Security. These apps too have ads. You need to change some settings in order to disable them.

  1. Go to Settings -> Apps -> System Apps Settings -> Security.
    • Turn off “Receive Recommendations”.
    • Under Cleaner, Turn off “Receive Recommendations” & “Remind to clean”.
    • Under *Data Usage", turn off “Report Data Usage info”.
    • Under Security Scan, turn off “Scan before installing” & “Payment monitoring”.
  2. Open Downloads app, go to Settings and Turn off recommendations there.