Disabling OEM services in Windows

Jun 23, 2020 by Kolappan N

Windows laptops usually come with a lot pre-installed software. Most of them are bloatware, but the software by OEM, provides some nice features as well. Things like tweaking backlight in keyboard, controlling fan speed, etc… may require the OEM software. However, these software also run a bunch of services in the background whether or not you use it.

A service in Windows has four types of start-up options

  1. Automatic - The service starts with Windows.
  2. Automatic (Delayed Start) - These services start with Windows but after the services with Automatic option are loaded.
  3. Manual - The services only start when started by a program or user.
  4. Disabled - These services cannot be started.

This blog post details how to remove them or to delay start unused services from OEMs.

Launching Windows services
Launching Windows services

Note: Be careful in this app. We do not want to turn off any wrong service. If there is an unknown service it is better to leave it as it is.

Services from Asus
Services from Asus
Details of a service
Details of a service

Tweaking Windows Services

One can also set the following Windows services from “Automatic” to “Automatic (Delayed start)” to improve startup speed

Some people disable services related to,

But I do not recommend it. They are already set to Manual start-up and don’t run always. So it is better to leave them at their defaults.