Getting free subdomains for your JavaScript projects

Apr 19, 2020 by Kolappan N

Do you know you can obtain a free sub-domain under like for your JavaScript projects. I obtained it for one of my projects. It is one of the coolest sub-domains you can get for free. But your project must be related to JavaScript to avail the subdomain.

Here is how to get your subdomain,

I have a domain for my js project. Can I get a domain and redirect it to my website? does not allow redirecting at the time of writing. However, NEXT.js and Vue.js have created simple pages that point the users to their website. Such behaviour is also seemed to be encouraged by membersRef.

Note: In the future should your domain go unused, returns a 404, etc…. can remove the sub domain from you. However they will try to contact you and provide you time to get things right. Here is an issue discussing one of the domain clean-ups as it happened. This ensures that sub domain names are not reserved and ensures availability for those who need it.