Alternatives for Google Analytics

Jul 08, 2021 by Kolappan N

I wanted to remove the cookie banner on my blog and so I was removing all the cookie usage one by one Disqus comments, Google Ads and the next step was Google Analytics. Although, I had Personal data tracking off, Google Analytics still collected a lot of info and used cookies. All I needed was some basic analytics which showed the page views and refer data.

So I tried out a bunch of alternatives and here is my summary about them

Alternatives I tried

1. Cloudfare Web Analytics

Website • Free



2. Micro Analytics

Website • Paid with Free tier


3. Plausible

Website • Paid with options for Free self hosting

This is a new, simple analytics tool. This is the best option if you want to host your own analytics in sensitive environments. You can self host their service in your cloud and there is dedicated GitHub Discussion for helping with Self hosting.


4. Netifly Analytics

Website • Paid

Netifly Analytics is different from the above mentioned analytics based on the fact that it is a server side analytics. It needs your website to be hosted in Netifly and can also track 404.


Firebase Cloud Logging is a similar alternative if you are using Google Firebase.

What I ended up using?

I ended up using both Cloudfare and MicroAnalytics at the time of writing. I use Cloudfare Analytics for tracking performance and Core web Vitals. It is one I prefer but since it lacks long time data retention I also Micro Analytics along with it. However since it lacks Both of them combined are lighter than Google Analytics in terms of performance.